BLACKPINK Give Their Thoughts On Their Comeback And What Yang Hyun Suk Told Them Not To Do Anymore

BLACKPINK is in all of our areas now, with the hottest comeback yet!

BLACKPINK has returned, better than ever, and the fans are wild for the new album, “SQUARE UP”. Through an interview, BLACKPINK members shared what they think about their comeback and what they hope for going forward.


Jisoo explained the new album is “going to show a more mature side of BLACKPINK.”

“In the past album, we tried to show ‘girly’ sides. For this album, we are aiming for something more mature and something different.” — Jisoo


About the hiatus, Jennie felt the same way about it being extra long — but at the same time, she sounded confident about the wait being worthwhile. Jennie promised, “BLACKPINK will work hard so the fans will not feel like there was that huge break.”

“I understand a year is a very long break. Even six to seven months would feel long for us too. During the year, we worked on songs for the new album. We also went on a reality show. We prepared a lot of things beyond the four songs that were released with the latest album. We are sorry that we were gone for such a long time, but we made sure every little detail is ready for this comeback. We are confident we can repay the fans for their patience.” — Jennie


The BLACKPINK girls did work hard to pay attention to the smallest details. To make sure the new tracks sound and look amazing, members focused on recording their best and honing their dancing skills even more.

Teddy always advises us to keep listening to the latest hit songs. This helps us learn the trendy and stylish ways to sound. The members prepare quite a bit before going in to record.” — Rosé


Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment must have paid a tremendous amount of attention to preparing the girl group for the comeback. Rosé mentioned, “He helped us a lot with the choreography. He would watch us practice and point out how we can make things better.”

“He shared certain parts of the choreography that would do better if we accentuated more to make them look more awesome. We were told not to be too feminine with our dance moves. He wanted power and energy.” — Rosé 


BLINKs have been hit hard with the new bop. The music video hiked up to 500K views in less than the first 30 minutes into release. The count continues to hike as fans all over the world rush over to see the savage queens’ return to K-Pop. BLACKPINK is definitely winning the summer of 2018!

Source: STAR NEWS and Hankook Ilbo