BLACKPINK’s Jennie Proves That She’s Lisa’s Biggest Fan In The Most Iconic Way During The “BORN PINK” Tour

“One day, I’m gonna behind you dancing…”

When it comes to the friendships between the BLACKPINK members, it sees no limits. Whether it’s everyday life or professionally, they always make sure to cheer each other on both publically and in private.

Recently, Jennie proved, not once but twice, that she is definitely Lisa‘s biggest fan.

During their shows in America, the members have all gained attention for their flawless visuals, talent, and immense personality.

Well, aside from going viral, the members also made sure to showcase their love for other during the show, and it was no different when it came to Jennie and Lisa.

During the show in Dallas on October 25, when the group was speaking to fans, Jennie suddenly started dancing to her favorite song, and explained, “You know ‘MONEY’ is my favorite song.”

| @unknwnstatus/Twitter
| @unknwnstatus/Twitter   

Of course, Jennie was talking about Lisa’s solo track “MONEY,” which was released in 2021. When it was released, the track went viral, and Lisa gained attention for her flawless talent and creativity when creating a song perfect for her.

Well, it seems like Jennie can never get enough of praising the track. On October 30, BLACKPINK was in Houston.

During the concert, Jennie once again started dancing to Lisa’s iconic song “MONEY,” and of course, it isn’t surprising how excited the fans were to see it live.

| @andrewjamessz/Twitter
| @andrewjamessz/Twitter   

If the dance wasn’t enough, Lisa actually revealed that Jennie is actually a true “MONEY” fan and even has the proof.

Actually, she has a video [of Jennie dancing to ‘MONEY’], but she wouldn’t post it for us. I don’t know why.

— Lisa

| @xxrjycxx/Twitter 

Jennie then joked that she would share it one day and even added, “One day, I’m gonna behind you dancing, and you will never know.”

| @xxrjycxx/Twitter

Of course, BLINKs everywhere will be waiting for that video and, with a lot of shows left, maybe Jennie might turn up one day and perform with Lisa during her performance.

You can read more about Lisa and Jennie being iconic during the Dallas BORN PINK show below.

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