BLACKPINK’s Jennie Rocks Her Pink Hair In New “Ice Cream” Teaser Poster

Just three days left until the drop!

YG Entertainment dropped BLACKPINK Jennie’s teaser poster for “Ice Cream” on August 25 KST and shocked fans with her bright pink hair. With just three more days to go before the official release of their single with Selena Gomez, fans can’t wait to see the teaser posters of the other members too.

Just the day before, they dropped Jisoo‘s teaser poster as well.

Previously on August 12, YG Entertainment confirmed that the new release would feature popular artist Selena Gomez. Both artists have proven to be fans of one another for a long time, making this collaboration a dream come true for everyone.

On August 24, YG dropped their first teaser video for the single showing a video call between the two artists. The short clip revealed both BLACKPINK and Gomez expressing how excited they were to be collaborating for the single.

Earlier this year, BLACKPINK collaborated with Lady Gaga with “Sour Candy.”

The single will officially release on August 28 worldwide at midnight EST and 1 PM KST.