BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sends Heartfelt Apology To BLINK She Wasn’t Able To Meet At The Airport

She wanted to meet fans but a decision by security meant she couldn’t:

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may not have been able to meet Beijing BLINKs at the airport but she made sure to send them plenty of love.


On December 9, Jennie was spotted at the airport on her way to China ahead of a schedule in Beijing. As fans in South Korea saw her off, in Beijing, BLINK were gathering to welcome her to the city!


By the time Jennie safely landed in Beijing, around 4,000 BLINK reportedly came out to greet her!


While Jennie was excited to meet all the BLINK there, unfortunately, she never got the chance. Posting to Weibo and to her Instagram stories, Jennie left a message to fans letting them know that the airport security had ultimately made the call to escort her out through the back entrance due to safety concerns.

To all the Beijing BLINKs who’ve waited for me at the airport,

We’ve waited for the airport security’s call, and at the last minute they’ve decided it would be best to lead us out through the back exit due to safety reasons.

— Jennie


Jennie also sent fans a heartfelt apology for not being able to meet with them and thanked everyone for making the journey to see her.


Although BLINK were disappointed Jennie didn’t get to see just how many fans were there to cheer her on, they completely understood the decision and were happy to know that Jennie had arrived safely!


And that safe arrival also meant that Jennie was able to blow everyone away as she attended the opening event for Gentle Monster‘s newest store in Beijing on December 10!