Jennie Is The First Female K-Pop Soloist To Have An MV Surpass 300 Million Views

Jennie’s “Solo” has made history!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has made history once again with her solo debut song “SOLO”!


Since Jennie’s “SOLO” music video first dropped on November 12, 2018, it was an immediate success topping charts around the world. Since then it has continued to steal hearts and Jennie’s performance of the song was even listed as one of the top highlights at Coachella!


While topping charts and being a highlight of Coachella are already impressive, it’s just hit an even more amazing milestone! On May 14 at 4 A.M. KST, Jennie’s “SOLO” hit 300 million views on Youtube. This outstanding view count was achieved in just over 6 months!


Not only is this the fastest female K-Pop solo music video to reach 300 million views, but it’s also the first music video released by a female K-Pop solo artist to reach that number ever! And the view count just keeps skyrocketing up!


Congratulations Jennie! Now we’re off to listen to “SOLO” in celebration!