Krispy Kreme Teases BLACKPINK Themed Donut To Release This Month

“I donut what to do without you 🎶”

First, BLACKPINK gave us “Ice Cream”; now, they’re bringing fans a new sweet treat—donuts. In a new tweet, renowned donut brand Krispy Kreme is teasing a new BLACKPINK-themed donut to release this month.

BLACKPINK are no strangers to food and drink endorsements. In 2018, they were named the new brand models for Sprite in South Korea, and several members have individual brand deals with companies Mengniu Dairy and LOTTE Confectionery. One of their biggest beverage deals, however, came in late 2020 when the group was named the spokesperson for Pepsi across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

| Pepsi

Now, it seems Pepsi is partnering BLACKPINK with a new food company for a special promotion: Krispy Kreme. With over 1,000 locations in numerous countries, Krispy Kreme is one of the top donut chains in the world—perfect for superstars like BLACKPINK. Today, Krispy Kreme’s official Twitter account for the Philippines dropped an unexpected teaser for a donut that’s sure to get every BLINK salivating.

While the tweet didn’t mention BLACKPINK, there’s no doubt this donut is modeled after the group. The caption referenced BLACKPINK’s iconic “in your area” catchphrase along with pink and black heart emojis, and the donut itself features a black icing glaze with pink sprinkles. “Powered by Pepsi,” is tucked into the corner of the photo, revealing that this is part of BLACKPINK’s partnership with the brand.

| Pepsi

Nothing else has been revealed about the donut just yet, but fans are speculating that the black icing flavor could be anything from dark chocolate to Pepsi. In the past, the brand’s darkest-colored donuts have been cookies and creme flavored in partnership with Oreo and Hershey’s. As for the promotion itself, some BLINKs are also hoping the donut could come with limited edition photocards of each member.

BLACKPINK’s limited edition Pepsi photocards | @9702_11/Carousell

As of right now, Krispy Kreme PH is the only location to tweet about the BLACKPINK donut. However, given that the group’s Pepsi deal extends to all Asia-Pacific countries, it’s highly likely that the donut could also be launched in other locations in the future. In the meantime, PH BLINKs, get your wallets ready. According to the tweet, the new sweet treat will be released in stores just days from now on Friday, May 21