The Biggest Difference Between BLACKPINK’s Lisa In 2016 Versus 2023, According To Lisa Herself

It wasn’t an obvious answer.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the biggest celebrities at present. She’s gone a long way ever since she debuted in 2016, racking up local and international awards, becoming the most followed K-Pop star on Instagram, bagging numerous endorsement deals, and more.


It isn’t her popularity, however, that has changed the most about her—at least in Lisa’s own eyes.

She sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea where she answered the question, “Comparing your rookie days to now, what has changed or stayed the same?”

Rather than her lifestyle or popularity, she answered that the biggest difference from 2016 versus 2023 is her facial features. She was only 19 years old when “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” were released and now she is a grown 26-year-old woman.

My rookie days? That was seven years ago. I think I’ve lost some cheek fat.

— Lisa

She added that time has led her to physical changes. She matured on the inside and outside in the seven years that have passed, and the size of her cheeks hints to this.

I had such a baby face back then. I lost just a bit of fat.

— Lisa

Lisa in 2016 (Left) versus 2023 (Right)

On the other hand, one major thing has remained the same about Lisa. No matter how much time has passed, she always puts one hundred percent of effort into every performance she does.

As for what has stayed the same, I think I always do my best when performing on stage.

— Lisa

Catch the full video below to learn more about Lisa.

Source: YouTube