BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Photos Of Her Everland Adventures With Fans

She posted these new, wintry photos on Instagram.

If anybody knows how to enjoy her free time over the holidays, it’s BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.


This week, Lisa visited South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland. Everland is always magical, but it takes its enchantment up a notch with fantastical Christmas displays like these ones.


Amid all the dazzling decor and Christmas music, fans spotted Lisa strolling through the park in her fuzzy, BLACKPINK jacket.


Lisa was reportedly hanging out with her mother, her cousin, and her manager.


Recently, Lisa posted a series of photos from Everland on her Instagram. It appears that she may have visited the park more than once! Here she is, posing with a delicious Elote…


…and warming up with a drink at Everland’s Starbucks.


In this photo, Lisa proves, once again, that she can turn anything into a photoshoot set. The background matches her hair perfectly!


Last but not least is Lisa wearing a snuggly bunny hat. (Santa, is it too late to add this to our Christmas lists?)


See more fan taken photos of Lisa’s Everland adventures here:

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Let Everybody Know She Was At Everland