BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves To Be The Sweetest As She Ignores Timer During Online Fansign To Continue Talking To Fan

She is really friends with BLINKs!

We all know BLACKPINK love their fans!

So, it’s always a great time when they can meet with BLINKs and connect with them on an even more personal level, thanks to fansigns.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa at fansign.

Following her solo debut, BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently did a fansign for select few fans who purchased her single album. It was held via video call due to COVID-19. And, for those lucky enough to win, it was a memorable experience.

Gold Version and Black Version of LISA single album. | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

One BLINK, Emily (@em1ly555 on TikTok), who won the opportunity, shared some of the highlights of the call on her social media. Lisa appeared completely at ease and talked with Emily like a true friend would early in the conversation. They conversed casually even when talking about Lisa’s solo music.


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♬ original sound – emily

Perhaps the most memorable moment of all is when Lisa met Emily’s kitten named Jack. Emily said that Lisa asked to see him, and when she brought him up to the camera, Lisa’s face lit up!

Her voice immediately changed, too, as she started talking to the adorable cat! Cats are certainly the way to Lisa’s heart.

Even as the timer began going off to let them know their time was up, Lisa continued to talk to Jack and Emily, asking more about the cat! She’s so sweet.

This is definitely a fansign that both Lisa and this BLINK will remember forever!

So, if you ever are fortunate enough to attend a fansign with Lisa, remember to bring a cat. It will make this cat-lover very happy!

Lisa with one of her cats | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Watch more from the fansign below:


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♬ original sound – emily

Source: @em1ly555