BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made A Joke That Went Right Over Fans’ Heads

BLINKs had no idea what she was talking about.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is as funny as she is talented, but sometimes her punchlines don’t land the way she expects!

From typos…

….to “graphic design is my passion” moments, Rosé has had a few Instagram mishaps.

Her latest one happened when she posted these two photos of herself wearing a blue shirt and sweater with black pants.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

In the caption, Rosé made a reference to a viral YouTube video…that nobody saw, apparently.

In fact, BLINKs were so confused about it that Rosé posted a story to explain her joke. “For those of you who are totally confused about the caption in my latest post…” she wrote. “Please don’t tell me you’ve never watched this before.” 

The quote in her caption is from a comedy sketch that actor Will Ferrell and singer Christina Aguilera did with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in 2016.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out!