The Unexpected Twist Behind BLACKPINK Rosé’s Outfit In “Ice Cream” Teaser Has Fans Applauding

It’s not what it looks like.

In light of the crazy anticipation for BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez‘s upcoming collaboration, the unexpected twist behind Rosé‘s outfit in the “Ice Cream” teaser has fans applauding.

As soon as the teaser was released, fans couldn’t get enough of Rosé’s blinding beauty.

She particularly gained attention for her plaid skirt set, crop top, and silver hair that framed her curves perfectly.

But not long after the release, one netizen shared the truth behind her outfit in an online community.

And the truth is that the skirt she wasn’t wearing wasn’t a skirt at all.

According to the informant, she transformed a crop top into a skirt and absolutely slayed it.

Online Community


Not only are fans impressed by the creativity, but they’re fawning over Rosé’s unrealistic proportions that made the switch possible.

Some of the comments include “How slender is her frame that she could wear a top as a skirt?“, “What an innovative idea“, and “Those clothes shine because of Rosé“.

What a queen.

Source: Dispatch