BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Just How Long It Took For Her Solo To Be Released

She’s been preparing for a while now.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé opened up about her solo debut in an interview with Apple Music.

The first question from interviewer Zane Lowe was one fans wanted to know as well: “How long have you been making this music for? How long has it been building up inside of you and you’ve been wanting to get it out?”

Rosé admitted that she was hoping to have a solo debut “for a very, very long time.” Given her well-known passion for music, she has wanted to express herself to the public since the beginning.

She even started preparing for her debut album, R, years ago!

I think the first solo song that I recorded in the studio was about three years ago, I can say. So very near the start of our BLACKPINK debut.

— Rose

In the private press conference held on the day her solo dropped, she told reporters that “GONE”, one of the tracks on her album and the one she sang for fans during THE SHOW, was recorded two years ago. “On The Ground”, meanwhile, was finalized a few months before its release.

She told Teddy how much she loved ‘GONE’ after she recorded it. Rosé felt like the songs were ‘meant to be’ for her.

— Jeff Benjamin, K-Pop Columnist


Fans loved her songs as soon as they heard it, making Rosé’s long wait worth it!

Check out Rosé’s full interview below!

Source: Jeff Benjamin