BLACKPINK Members Each Write Their Own Special Message For BLINKs To Celebrate The Group’s Sixth Anniversary

“I love BLACKPINK forever!”

Time seems to fly when you’re a BLINK.

Since BLACKPINK‘s triumphant debut with “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” in 2016, the girls have seldom had time to look back, as they conquered not only K-Pop but popular culture all around the world.

Each member of the group has forged a unique relationship with her fans and the K-Pop scene as a whole. The fact that each member of the group is an international ambassador of the world’s most recognizable luxury fashion houses (Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, and Celine) attests to this.




August 8 marked the sixth anniversary for YG Entertainment‘s supergroup BLACKPINK, and the members each, in their special way, thanked one another and their fans for the incredible journey they have been on since 2016.

Jennie wrote a short and sweet message to her fans and teased that the group has more in store for them.

It’s our birthday today 🎉 Happy 6th year anniversary to Blackpink & Blinks 🖤💖 more good news coming for everyone! 

— Jennie

Lisa celebrated with her followers by writing a sweet message of her own.

Can’t live without these girls 🌈 Happy BLACKPINK 6th year anniversary 💗 This year will be another BIG year for us ✨. Love u [sic] 

— Lisa

Jisoo professed her love for the group to the world!

Happy six-year anniversary. I love BLACKPINK forever ♥️[sic]

— Jisoo

And Rosé wrote a thoughtful letter to fans and her members, thanking them for the past six years.

To my BLACKPINK members, who I love so much!!
Congratulations on the six years. During the long trainee years and the six years after our debut, we have so many shared special memories and learned so many lessons. I want to thank the members for becoming my family. Although I am always lacking, I hope you continue to look at me kindly, hehe [sic]. I love you, BLACKPINK!!! And I want to thank the fans endlessly for rooting for us and always being on our side ㅠㅠ [sic]. I am so thankful for the memories during the six years that BLACKPINK and BLINKs have shared together, and I look forward to many more to come. Thank you, BLACKPINK. Congratulations again on 6 years!!! I love BLACKPINK 🖤💗🥹

— Rosé

It has been an incredible six years for the icons and their fans, and surely fans all over the world look forward to many more. BLINKs won’t need to wait much longer to celebrate as the group announced their comeback, “Pink Venom.” YG Entertainment announced on August 8 that the girls would be making their return on August 19.

Today, which is the group’s debut anniversary, we are happy to announce the release schedule for the pre-release song that opens the prelude to the ‘BORN PINK’ project.’

— YG Entertainment

Until then, check out the group’s bopper of a collaboration with PUBG MOBILE, “Ready For Love,” in the link below.

Source: Wikitree