Fans Spot BLACKPINK’s Rosé Filming In Washington Square…But She’s Not The Star Of The Video

As expected from Rosé! 😂

Fans recently spotted BLACKPINK‘s Rosé out and about in Washington Square and noticed she was recording something!

Rosé was seen accompanied by staff members, walking around the area…

| @diggzy/Instagram

…and getting a few photos of herself taken, as well.

| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

However, after the video of Rosé filming something circulated online, she revealed what had caught her attention — and it’s totally expected of her!

Rosé posted a video on her Instagram story of an adorable squirrel running around. Her caption shows just how hilarious she finds it that she was spotted doing it!

This is what I was taking a video of. I’m done.

— Caption

Coincidentally, BLINKs often compare her cute visuals and puffy cheeks to a squirrel. Could she have met her alternate self?