BLACKPINK Score Another CF, But Fans Are Unhappy About One Thing

Fans are saying it’s another “Jennie and Friends” situation.

On March 25, Paradise City dropped their newest CF featuring Blackpink and Nam Joo Hyuk. Upon the CF’s release, fans couldn’t help but notice that didn’t divide the member’s solo times equally. Instead, the CF seemed to focus on Jennie, leading fans to believe it’s another “Jennie and Friends” situation.

In the CF, Jennie is a princess of an ancient dynasty. After following a lost deer, she finds herself lost in wonderland – Paradise City. There, Jennie meets and is led by Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa to different areas of Paradise City. In the end, she meets the male lead, Nam Joo Hyuk.

When fans saw the CF, they couldn’t help but notice that all of Jisoo’s, Rosé’s, and Lisa’s parts are the same as the teasers. In the past, the producer promised that the CF would be different from the teasers are fans complained about the difference of the other girl’s teasers compared to Jennie’s. Many fans are saying that the other members of Blackpink appeared just as background for Jennie to shine.

Fans are defending Jennie and saying this is the fault of the producer. Many fans also say that the CF wouldn’t have made sense if all four of them were main characters and that it would only flow the way it does with one main character. Fans also say that it makes sense that Jennie is the main character in this CF because she is the most popular member, and it’s a smart decision to have her lead the CF.

Watch the CF here!