American Singer Responds to Claim that Blackpink’s Lisa Copied Her

The singer made herself heard with her tweet!

YG Entertainment has started releasing teasers for Blackpink’s latest comeback, “Kill This Love”. The first teaser featured member Lisa, showing off her side profile and posing against a red backdrop.

Someone on Twitter couldn’t help but post a tweet saying that Lisa’s teaser was a bit too similar to American’s singer XYLO’s single cover for her track “I Don’t Want To See You Anymore”.

Image result for xylø i don't want to see you anymore

XYLO has been known to express her love for Blackpink on Twitter, especially Lisa, who happens to be her bias. When the singer saw the tweet, she immediately shut them down.

When fans saw this, they were quick to defend Lisa and spread some love for XYLO. Many have commented on how embarrassed the original poster must have been after XYLO replied to their tweet. Yikes!