The Moment A BLINK Presents BLACKPINK’s Lisa With An Unexpected Challenge Goes Viral

Netizens loved the wholesome interaction.

BLACKPINK reunited as four in Australia, where Rosé spent part of her childhood, when they took over Rod Laver Arena for night one of their BORN PINK concert in Melbourne.

The concert was special for many reasons, and one moment between a lucky BLINK, Rosé, and Lisa quickly went viral as netizens unpacked the hilarious scene.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa during “BORN PINK” Day 1 soundcheck in Melbourne. | @lovesBP3000/Twitter

BLACKPINK has been on the road since October 2022, traveling the globe on their 62-show BORN PINK world tour.

BLACKPINK in Singapore on their “BORN PINK” tour | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

The group has earned attention for their sweet interactions with fans during each stop on their tour, and their Day 1 Melbourne show was no different.

While the group sang their final song of the night, “As If It’s Your Last,” one lucky BLINK earned attention after offering Lisa their Nintendo Switch.

As Lisa greeted fans throughout the crowd, Rosé noticed the outstretched Nintendo Switch and pointed it out to the group’s maknae, who happily asked for a staff member to hand it to her.

Videos of the moment circulated before the owner of the Switch could post their own story, and netizens wondered what game caught Lisa’s attention.

The owner of the Switch shared the moment on TikTok and revealed that they handed Lisa an unfinished Mario Kart race for her to complete.

As she remained entranced by the game, Rosé hilariously changed part of the lyrics of “Af If It’s Your Last” to “Lisa’s playing Nintendo; I have no idea why.” The Nintendo Switch owner revealed that the race was set to 200cc, one of the fastest settings in Mario Kart, which may hilariously explain why Lisa was so invested in the game.

The TikTok showing the behind-the-scenes view of the moment went viral with over 156,000 views in less than four hours.

Netizens shared their love for the wholesome moment and praised how sweet the BLACKPINK members were while hilariously wondering how Lisa did playing the game.

Check out the full moment in the video below!


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