BLINKs Attack Fan For “Manipulating” BLACKPINK MR Removed Video

What is going on?

An MR removed video of BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU DU” has been creating quite the buzz online lately and BLINKs are not happy.


The video in question took a single performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and ran it through some software in an attempt to remove background noise and sound distortions. Unfortunately, the results showcased the group in a bad light.


Because BLACKPINK are known for their ability to sing live, BLINKs are convinced that the poor quality of the audio was a result of manipulation. Some fans started to fire back at the creator of the video, calling him out for maliciously manipulating the video to make the girls sound bad.


In fact, fans are so convinced that they’ve made the issue go viral over the last couple of days!


Some fans even went as far as accuse the creator, Ryan Bardon, of secretly being a ONCE who is deliberately trying to sabotage BLACKPINK. One BLINK went as far as to go “undercover” as a ONCE to try and uncover any shady business.


Despite countless denials and attempts at clarification, some BLINKs still remain convinced that the fan purposely edited the video maliciously.


But other fans who read the messages believed the video creator explained himself very clearly.


And pointed out how ridiculous it was for someone to go “undercover” as part of another fandom.


In fact, while some people are taking the side of BLINKs, a number of netizens are sticking up for Ryan. They have been pointing out that MR removed videos are just edits using software and that different programs can create completely different results.


Meanwhile, Ryan himself is trying to stick up for himself by showcasing other edits that he’s done and is, in turn, calling out BLINKs for just now asking him to take down the video.


But even if we can’t say for certain what the result of this incident will be, there are plenty of other videos that prove BLACKPINK can pull off live performances flawlessly.