Blinks Send A Truck To YG Demanding Better Treatment For Rosé

“Give Rosé what she deserves.”

While BLACKPINK gears up for their comeback slated for June, it seems that Blinks are getting busy too. Recently, Blinks had decided to send a protest LED truck to the YG building, to convey their demands for YG to give main vocal Rosé better treatment. Blink AJ tweeted on the 9th that the truck was stationed at the front of the building and would be there for another day.

AJ also shared that she was unable to confirm who was behind this project due to privacy and safety reasons. The LED screen on the truck held the message, “Even if she is able to sing so perfectly with emotion, it’s a pity she does not have any drama OSTs. Blinks want Rosé to participate in a drama OST as soon as possible”. The truck’s frame itself was painted with the words “Give Rosé what she deserve” in english, and “Rosé deserves better treatment” below it in Korean.

However, reactions between Blinks have been mixed, with some claiming that it would reflect badly on the singer, while others were very supportive of this grand gesture.

Some fans have expressed worries that the truck may start “useless drama”, while others agreed that they had a bad feeling about it. Other comments also commented that it will draw negative attention.

On the other hand, many others were supportive and thankful for the project as they believe that Rosé deserves better from her company.

It is not the first time that Blinks have been up in arms over what they believe is unfair treatment from YG towards the ethereally beautiful singer. Previously, in August 2019, fans had trended #StayStrongRosé in order to show their support for her, while earlier this year fans were once again discussing her lack of activities compared to the other members.

Blinks have also taken to using LED trucks outside YG to get their message across, with a protest truck stationed there in December 2019 to demand more activities for the girls of BLACKPINK.