Blizzard Entertainment’s Latest Update Introduces TWICE To Overwatch And Heroes Of The Storm

Premier game developer Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that they will be adding Overwatch hero D.Va to their game Heroes of the Storm, along with some K-Pop-themed taunts.

With the overwhelming success of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they would be introducing popular character D.Va to one of their other games, Heroes of the Storm, as a new character. D.Va, who is a Korean hero, is known for having taunts in Korean.

Rather than sticking with her current set of taunts, however, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that they have added new moves more relevant to pop culture to the character. In a demo video spotlighting D.Va’s introduction to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard Entertainment showcased D.Va’s new taunts, which feature dance moves from TWICE’s hit song “Cheer Up”.

In addition to Sana‘s viral “Shy Shy Shy” move, D.Va can also be seen doing Tzuyu‘s “Sorry” move, which comes right before “Shy Shy Shy” in the song’s choreography.

With D.Va being a Korean hero and seeing how popular both TWICE and Overwatch are in Korea, there’s no doubt that Blizzard Entertainment is featuring TWICE’s “Cheer Up” dance moves as a cool easter egg for fans. Her new TWICE-themed taunts will encourage more players to start using the character in Heroes of the Storm.

Check out her taunt action below!