Block B’s Zico drops new teaser for upcoming solo single, “Yes Or No”

Block B member Zico is finally making a comeback as a soloist as he teases fans with a new single Yes Or No via his Instagram account.

On October 14th, he shares a short video teaser to the single, giving fans a listen into his new beat and writes, “Did I keep you waiting for a long time? #newsingle #yesorno ##finally #dday #zico #TellMeyesorno.”

For those who caught Zico’s appearance in the first season of Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar may find this beat highly familiar as it was the same track used in one of the solo mission battles as the contestants performed in front of Zico and San E.

Look out for his single set to drop on October 19th.

On Unpretty Rapstar: