Block B’s Zico Reveals Which Top Girl Group He Wants To Produce A Song For

Make it happen please!

Block B‘s Zico guested on the most recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star and talked about the girl groups he recently talked about with his crew FANXY CHILD and which girl group he wants to produce a song for in the future.


After introducing the members of FANXY CHILD, which includes himself and Penomeco, Crush, Dean, Stay Tuned, and Millic, he was asked whether they talked about girl groups when the members gather and hang out together.

“Ah! I knew you would ask about this. That’s just one of the many things we talk about when we are together. We just naturally talk about it, about girl groups… or which songs are good…”

— Zico


That response wasn’t good enough for the MC’s, prompting Yoon Jong Shin to ask him which girl groups the crew recently talked about between themselves.

“Uh… Well there’s TWICE, and BLACKPINK too.”

— Zico


Zico was then asked which artist he really wanted to produce a song for, and he chose BLACKPINK.

“BLACKPINK. I feel like I could make a really fun song for them. They’re a group that is very hip and also melodical, they can do everything. I think it would be really fun if we worked together.

— Zico


Watch the segment below: