BoA discusses the topic of marriage in a recent interview

In a recent interview held with Japanese magazine Numbero, solo artist BoA shares her thoughts regarding the subject of marriage.

Through an interview with BoA and Japanese magazine Numero, BoA speaks her mind on the topic of marriage. As the conversation of marriage came around, BoA was asked about her thoughts on the subject, and what type of person she would like her spouse to be. With that question in mind she replied, “Marriage in 5-6 years from now would be great.” As for the type of person she would like to get married to BoA answered,“I would like a person who I can share the same hobbies and beliefs with.” When talking about herself she mentioned the idea of becoming a woman who is understanding, and being a person that can listen to someone’s story.

Having made her debut at the age of 14 in 2000, BoA will be commemorating her 15th anniversary since her debut as a singer with a comeback. On December 31st, SM Entertainment revealed that she would be making a comeback in 2015 with a Korean album with plans to surprise her fans with a “special gift”.

Source: Star News