BoA, “The Queen Of K-Pop”, Finally Gets Her Own Official Lightstick

It took 18 years!

BoA has finally received an official lightstick, 18 years into her reign as the “Queen of K-Pop”.


BoA debuted back in 2000 with her first album, ID; Peace B, years before lightsticks replaced the colored balloons that fans originally used to show their support. BoA’s contributions have played a major role in shaping the K-Pop world we know today, so if anyone deserves her own lightstick, it’s BoA!


On December 19, BoA unveiled the long-awaited item on her official Facebook page…


…along with a list of other official merchandise. This new merch will be available for sale on December 29, the same day BoA’s 2-day BoA The Live 2018 concert kicks off in Seoul.


SM Entertainment‘s list of BoA goods includes the lightstick, priced at 35,000 won (approx. $31 USD), a pendant with name tag, badge, key ring, card wallet and photocard set, sweatshirt, and more.


BoA’s fans have been yearning for an official lightstick to complete their concert experience for a long time. Lightsticks allow fans to participate in the show by creating dazzling “oceans” of light for their idols.

Super Junior’s blue ocean.


Each lightstick is as unique as the K-Pop act it represents because it is designed to be an extension of each artist’s personality.


BoA fans couldn’t be more excited about the news, and are loving the lightstick’s design.


Now, concert-goers can finally show their love for BoA with a light show that’s fit for a queen!