Bobby Brackins hints at CL and Florence and the Machine collaboration

In an interview with Noisey, American composer and rapper Bobby Brackins hinted at a collaboration between Florence and the Machine and 2NE1’s CL who is preparing for her solo debut in the United States

Bobby Brackins, who wrote hit songs in the United States such as Tinashe’s “2 On” and co-wrote Chris Brown’s “Loyal” among other songs, revealed that he was invited to collaborate with CL and Florence and the Machine.

When asked about the overlap between different genres of music, Bobby brought up being friends with CL, saying, “I’m friends with this girl CL now, she’s like the biggest artist in Korea. She hit me up to go work on some songs with Florence and the Machine! I couldn’t do it because it was the night before we were flying out to New York but that would have been crazy to work with Florence…”

He then went on to elaborate on their relationship, saying, “I’ve worked with CL before! She’s dope. but I love Florence… we’re so different though, I never thought me and her could be able to merge. Random collaborations are happening.”

There is speculation that Bobby had a hand in preparing for CL’s debut, as he had posted two pictures on his Instagram back in December with CL in the recording studio.

This possible collaboration between Florence and the Machine and CL adds to the excitement building up as CL’s United States debut comes closer. YG Entertainment has confirmed that CL is back in the United States working on her debut after joining 2NE1 in a series of holiday appearances in Korea.

Fans have been on the lookout for updates on CL’s debut, most recently noticing stills from her possible music video that were posted on her Instagram in early January.

CL’s U.S solo debut with her single is expected to come in early Spring 2015.



Source: Noisey