Bobby Kim may face imprisonment following drunken incident on Korean Air

Bobby Kim is facing imprisonment and probation for his recent drunk and sexual misdemeanour while inflight.

During his first court appearance on June 1st, the Incheon Courts under the ruling of Judge Shim Dong Young dictated that Bobby Kim should receive 1 year imprisonment with labor, 2 years parole and 5 million won in fine. It was presented as the singer faced charges over his drunken and sexual behaviour onboard a Korean Air flight back in January.

Bobby Kim is reported to have admitted to the charges presented and asked for leniency as he was specifically cited for sexual harassment and aviation security law violations.

During investigations, the singer was quoted confessing, “There were problems with seating arrangement that did not get resolved and thus, while sitting in the economy section, I drank 6 glasses of wine in order to fall asleep” and mentioned, “Although I do remember causing a disturbance on the flight, I do not remember the exact details due to being intoxicated.”

A number of comments about the possible imprisonment are as follows:

[+ 6955, – 134] Wow… 1 year of imprisonment. That seems a bit harsh.

[+ 611, – 7] Is Bobby Kim worse than the one who caused a disturbance over peanuts?

[+ 477, – 18] The peanut lady is on parole yet 1 year of imprisonment for Bobby Kim? It must be the money.

Source: Star News