Bobby and Mino’s modified rap verses in special “Born Hater” performance catch netizens attention

SBS’ Gayo Daejun 2014 included many special performances and videos, and Epik High’s modified version of “Born Hater” was no exception! Mino, B.I., and Bobby‘s edited lyrics have now caught the attention of netizens as a reply to “diss tracks” that have been circulating.

The introduction of “Born Hater” shows the rappers being doused by paint in all white clothing, with Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutz showing off their classic “Born Hater” swag.

Those who’ve listened and commented also took note of Bobby and Mino’s edited lyrics, which they speculated to be an answer to those who responded to Bobby’s diss lyrics.

Bobby’s rap:

Before you want me to bow down, you should set yourself to me.
Before you wanna teach me something, show me yo perfection.
You can’t underestimate my growth, plus I tend to keep things in my mind
As I grow up your heart shrinks.
Hunger of a newborn puppy
You’re just an old tiger (x2)
Fear only god and I hate only sins (x2)

Mino’s rap:

My imagination will soon become reality, sweeps award
Toddlings in front of numerous eyes, I take it off rock ’em
They hate my every moment but I
Judge me all you want I don’t care I’m not a business man
They’re all similar, not me
Because it’s the same stage it’s the same? Not me
If your mouth is bored chew me or bobby
We are born hater do it faster, your typing

The latter half of Epik High’s performance included actress Kim Yoojung’s lending voice for their title track “Happen Ending,” adding another interesting element to the original piece. Check out both performances below and let us know what you think!