Bobby revealed to feature in new YG Entertainment sub-unit with Lee Hi

Just yesterday, YG Entertainment revealed that Lee Hi would be the first member of their upcoming sub-unit, which is being teased through their “Who’s Next?” series. Now, the company has revealed iKON’s Bobby will be featuring on the sub-unit as well.

In the last couple of days, YG Entertainment shared six other teaser posters, revealing the date, mysterious equations that read “1+1” and ”
1+1÷1“, an upper body shot of a female holding a black Pepero box with the text “New Unit: Milk Chocolate” and “+”, a mysterious female holding a strawberry Pepero box, and finally a mysterious male holding a third Pepero box.

Most likely, Bobby is the “÷1” that has been mentioned in their teasers, splitting the two females (Lee Hi x Mysterious Female)!