BOYFRIEND Hints At A Potential Reunion As New Group “BF”

Right in time for their 10-year anniversary!

It’s been nearly two years since BOYFRIEND officially disbanded but today, hope was reinstated in their loyal fans: it seems as though the group is hinting at a reunion!

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BOYFRIEND were formed under Starship Entertainment in 2011 as the company’s first boy-group. Although successful as rookies, BOYFRIEND’s popularity suffered when the company decided to focus their attention on promoting the group in Japan, neglecting Korean promotions.

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The group then disbanded in 2019, with all the members leaving the company and focusing on solo projects instead.

We sincerely thank you for your passion and heart as a proud Starship artist. We won’t forget all of these moments together. Thank you.


The group is considered one of the most missed K-Pop groups by fans, and it seems as though their loyal fans now have a reason to rejoice! Earlier today, all of the members shared a picture of the 6 of them together via their official Instagram accounts.

Leader Donghyun added the caption “10th Anniversary D-26, BF&BF.” BF could refer to their group name as well as their fandom name, BEST FRIEND.

That’s not all, though: two new Japanese social media accounts were created on Twitter and Instagram under the name “BF” and announced the opening of an official Japanese fanclub.

It seems as though the 6 members have reunited under the name BF, as the fanclub website features new pictures of them as well as an introductory video!

| BF Japan Official Fanclub

In the introductory video, the 6 members introduced the opening of their new fanclub, stating that they are looking forward to seeing their fans soon and are hoping for their support.

Our new fanclub is official! We want to show you our real selves through our fan club. Please support us! We’ll be showing you a lot of new sides of oursevles and new expressions. We want to see you soon! Let’s see each other soon!


There has been no other announcement other than the opening of the new fanclub, but that in itself strongly hints at a possible reunion. After all, there is just under a month left until their 10-year anniversary on May 26, so it’s possible that the group are planning something special for that big event.

Nevertheless, we’re super excited to see them all back together and can’t wait to see what happens next!

| BF Japan Official Fanclub
Source: Twitter