THE BOYZ’s Juhaknyeon Explains His Gorgeous Silver Hair, But Warns Fans Not To Bleach Their Own

So much work goes into getting the right hair color!

THE BOYZ recently made a comeback with their EP THRILL-ING and Juhaknyeon blew fans away with his new silver, multicolored hair! The Bs love how pretty it looks, and even compare it to cotton candy because of how light it is.

Juhaknyeon of THE BOYZ. | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

He’s wanted to try white hair for a while; back in 2019, Juhaknyeon replied to a fan online and said white was a hair color he wants to do!

Fan: Haknyeon-oppa~ Is there a hair color you want to try?
Juhaknyeon: White hair!

| Twitter

Juhaknyeon explained in a behind-the-scenes video of their THRILL-ING photoshoot that he wanted to try silver hair since he had already gone blond for “Giddy Up” back in 2018.

Juhaknyeon had blond hair for the “Giddy Up” music video. | @Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter

He then revealed that he had to bleach his hair 5 times in order to get the color right! Juhaknyeon warned fans against bleaching their own hair because of how much it can hurt.

I had to bleach like 5 times for it. Guys, I’m warning you now, don’t do it. It really hurts your head.

— Juhaknyeon

| THE BOYZ/YouTube 

The members recently asked Juhaknyeon about his hair and all he had to say was, “It wasn’t easy.

The B are hoping Juhaknyeon’s head is doing okay since hair bleaching can be a very painful process! At least Juhaknyeon’s hair came out looking incredible in the end.

| THE BOYZ/YouTube 

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!

Source: THE BOYZ, Twitter and Creker


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