THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Accidentally Created A Hilarious New Meme While Simply Trying To Snack

That poor peach 😂

On August 24, THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo decided to go live as he normally does to interact personally with his fans. Little did he know that a brand new meme would soon arise.

Part way through the stream, Sunwoo got a bit hungry, so he told everyone that he was leaving the room to get some peaches to eat. He blew Deobis kisses and had a ‘heart competition’ with them before leaving.

Once he returned, Sunwoo continued to go about everything like usual until a fan asked him if he could speak a little English! Sunwoo happily complied, holding up a piece of the peach and explaining how the “Color is yellow.”

But then, disaster struck! Only moments later, the peach slice came tumbling down off of his chopsticks and landed directly onto his pants.


— Sunwoo

And with that, on top of the fact he was already sporting a peachy hair color, a hilarious meme was born.

| Twitter

What do you think about Sunwoo’s peachy meme?