Brand New Music Releases Statement Regarding An Alleged Problematic Past Picture Of YOUNITE’s Hyunseung

The label responds.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On August 18, a picture of YOUNITE‘s Hyunseung and TWICE‘s Chaeryoung was posted in an online community.

Hyunseung | Brand New Music

The picture is of Hyunseung and TWICE’s Chaeryoung. The picture shows Hyunseung looking up at a sticker filter of Chaeryoung. Written on the picture is a derogative term that alludes to pornography.

YOUNITE’s agency, Brand New Music, released a statement denying Hyunseung took any part in creating the picture. The label stated the picture was edited maliciously and that they would be taking legal action.

The full translation of the statement is below.


This is Brand New Music.

We have found that there is a maliciously edited photo of one of our artists on social media.

We will be pursuing legal action against those who maliciously spread slander, personally attack, and engage in creating false rumors. Please report these cases to our email

We thank our fans for their love and support and ask for their active cooperation.

Brand New Music will continue to work to protect our artist’s rights.

Thank you.

— Brand New Music

Source: Brand New Music