Brave Girls Confess They Performed As Backup Dancers At 2017’s “Seoul Music Awards”

They did it to make a living.

In a recent episode of SBS‘s Tiki Taka, Brave Girls revealed what they did to make a living when they were going through a slump. Yuna confessed that she worked part-time at a cafe behind her agency’s back even after debuting so that she could make a living.

And Minyoung further surprised everyone by adding that she held dance lessons and went up on stage with costumes on to make money.

But the most surprising of all was Brave Girls’ revelation that they stood on stage as backup dancers at the Seoul Music Awards in 2017.

We performed as the American rapper, Silentó’s backup dancers. We were just happy to be at our first awards ceremony. But when I saw the singers sitting at their tables, I felt jealous.

— Minyoung

Watch the full video of their performance with Silentó below:

Source: Insight