Brave Girls Reveal What They Plan To Do With Their Very First Paycheck

They still haven’t received their first pay.

In a recent episode of KBS‘s Problem Child in House, Brave Girls revealed what they plan to do with their very first paycheck.


As many already know, despite their hard work for many years, Brave Girls struggled to make a decent living, and as a result, they’ve yet to receive their first paycheck.

On the show, Brave Girls vented about having to work part-time for spending money and even received allowances from their producer, Brave Brothers himself.

However, now that they’re finally getting the attention they deserve, they’re dreaming about what they’re going to do once they get paid.


For Eunji, her plan involves her parents.

I wanted to do something for my parents on special occasions, but I couldn’t because I had no money. My heart ached because I had no money to buy them gifts. I’m hopeful for this year. Once I get my first pay, I want to give it to my parents.

— Eunji


As for Yujeong, she expressed her wishes to pay back her friends.

My friends send me coffee trucks. I want to give back to my friends who’ve always cheered me on.

— Yujeong


On the other hand, Yuna offered her realistic hopes for when she has some money coming in.

I’ve often had no money in my account, so I’d just like to see some money in there. I don’t want to buy anything.

— Yuna

Lastly, Minyoung shared her honest plans to do some flexing.

I want to flex. I want to take my members out for an expensive meal to celebrate our 1st-place win. I want to browse around the department store and buy my mom a big bag. Since I’ve yet to pay off my student loans, I want to pay that off, too.

— Minyoung

Here’s hoping the members get their fat checks soon!

Source: Insight