Brave Girls Reveal The Unexpected Owner Of The Sexy Legs On Their “High Heels” Album Cover

The legs were not photoshopped, but the high heels were.

Brave Girls recently appeared on 1theK‘s Look Me Up where they revealed surprising facts about the cover for their 2016 album, “High Heels”.

The members were looking through information about themselves on the internet where they came across the “High Heels” album cover.

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And when Minyoung confessed that it makes her embarrassed, her fellow members thought very differently.

Why are you embarrassed? You need to have some pride.

— Brave Girls

After revealing that the legs belong to Minyoung, Yuna bragged about them in her stead.

Those are her actual legs.

— Yuna

But the reason Minyoung was embarrassed was something else.

When we were shooting that, my upper body was wearing sweats.

— Minyoung

And that’s not all. According to Minyoung, she wasn’t even wearing heels at the time.

Those heels were photoshopped in.

— Minyoung

While this was the first time fans found out about the truth behind the album cover, it was also the first time for her fellow members!

Well, now everybody knows that Minyoung has killer legs!

Check out the full episode below:

Source: Dispatch