Brave Girls Tease First Ever Light Stick With An Adorable Origin

This is their first light stick since debuting almost 10 years ago!

Brave Girls is getting ready to release an official light stick for FEARLESS!

Despite them debuting all the way in 2011 (that’s a whopping 10 years ago), the girls have never had a light stick! Now that they are finally in the well-deserved spotlight, it’s time for their fans to get some merch!

| fx_SHINee/Tenor 

Brave Brothers excited fans by sharing a sneak peek of the “rough draft” for Brave Girls’ light stick. He shared that it had actually been inspired by the name of one of Brave Girls’ signature dance moves from “Rollin’“: the “stingray dance.”

The hashtags say: “Brave Girls,” “light stick,” “rough draft,” “stingray light stick,” and “goods.”

Are you excited? What do you think about the design?