Brave Girls Yujeong’s 2017 Maxim Magazine Sold Out After Sudden Success Of “Rollin”

This has never happened before!

Brave Girls is on a roll with their popularity and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon!

| @bravegirls.official/Instagram

Brave Girls has been enjoying their unexpected popularity after a YouTube video of their 2017 song, “Rollin” went viral. One member in particular caught the eyes of netizens in the video, and the member in question is none other than the group’s visual, Yujeong. Yujeong’s adorable eye-smile and bubbly personality captivated viewers during the 3 minute video, but their newfound obsession with her didn’t end there.

“Her smile is so pretty” | YouTube

Back in 2017, Yujeong was on the cover of the June edition of men’s magazine, Maxim. Four years later since her feature, reports are stating that her issue has been completely sold out.

Yujeong for “Maxim” magazine 2017 | Maxim

Not only has the physical copy of this issue been completely sold out, but media reports revealed that downloads for this specific edition on the Maxim phone app have also seen a massive increase.

Yujeong for “Maxim” magazine 2017 | Maxim

A representative from Maxim magazine shared their thoughts on the sudden influx of sales on the 4-year-old issue.

A surge of orders started coming in for the June 2017 edition and that’s how I found out about the situation. This is the first time an old edition of our magazine has sold out like this.

— Maxim representative

Yujeong for “Maxim” magazine 2017 | Maxim

Unfortunately, Maxim magazine shared that they have no plans to print more copies of Yujeong’s issue at this time.

Yujeong for “Maxim” magazine 2017 | Maxim

Meanwhile, it looks like the members of Brave Girls have been slowly gearing up to promote their 4-year-old song. They recently announced on the group’s official Instagram page that they filmed a special interview with Top Star News. The exclusive interview is set to premiere on Top Star News’ YouTube channel on March 9th, so be on the lookout for that.

Source: WikITree and Twitter