Brave Girls’ Yuna Spoiled Beyond Belief For Her 28th Birthday By Her Ahjussi Fans

They spent how much?!

Brave Girls are continuing to prove their popularity and this time, it’s through birthday gifts!

Brave Girls member Yuna | u.nalee/Instagram

The girl group has been experiencing recent viral popularity after a decade in the industry and it looks like their popularity is only just beginning. Member Yuna celebrated her 28th (American age) birthday back on April 6 and she was showered with gifts by her doting ahjussi (older men/uncle) fans. Here are all the gifts she received!

1. Apple iPad Pro

iPad Pro in Space Gray | Apple

One of the gifts that Yuna received was an Apple iPad Pro in Space Gray. She also reportedly received an Apple pencil to go along with her new tablet, as well as a black case to protect her new toy.

2. Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Frontrow sneakers | Louis Vuitton

The short-haired beauty also received a pair of gorgeous Louis Vuitton sneakers from her fans! Yuna got a pair of the Frontrow sneakers by the mega-fashion brand in a chic, all-white color to go along with her chic image and style.

3. Christian Dior Purse

Saddle bag | Christian Dior

The Brave Girls member received the Christian Dior Saddle Bag, also in a ivory color to match her new Louis Vuitton sneakers. The gold hardware paired with the ivory leather compliments Yuna’s overall image! The girl group member was really spoiled with this gift, as the designer purse rings in at a hefty $3,800!

Bag strap | Christian Dior

In case she wants a longer strap option, her ahjussi fans also gifted her with an additional Christian Dior strap. They bought her a funky denim strap to counter the ivory bag for a more modern and trendy vibe. Her uncle fans weren’t shy when it came to spending money on their favorite girl group member because this strap alone cost $1,200!

4. Fuji Camera

100v camera | Fuji

Yuna’s fans also got her a brand new Fuji 100v camera, along with a protective bag and extra camera accessories. While her gifts thus far have been fashion heavy, her fans added in a practical but super cool gift that she can take photos with.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng | Korea Ginseng Corporation

Her ahjussi fans’ love didn’t end with just Yuna, but it extended to her parents as well. Her fans bought a big pack of ginseng for her parents to celebrate the Brave Girls member’s birthday.

6. Big Portrait

Portrait of Yuna | WikiTree

Last, but most certainly not least is a grand portrait of the Brave Girls member herself. Her fans reportedly gifted her with a massive photo and frame of the above picture to Yuna. What a thoughtful present!

| @u.nalee/Instagram

Yuna’s ahjussi fans spared nothing when it came to her gifts, as the total of all of her birthday presents totaled a whopping $10,300! She deserves all of the love and we hope she felt celebrated during her birthday season. Happy belated birthday to Yuna!

Source: WikiTree and Image

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