Brave Girls’ Eunji Reveals She Halted Plans Of Becoming A CEO Of Her Own Brand When “Rollin'” Blew Up

She gave up her plans for her career once again.

Brave Girls‘ recently appeared on Junghee’s Hope Song, hosted by Kim Shin Young. Not only did member Yujeong share the group’s sudden diet plans due to the unexpected popularity, member Eunji also revealed she had to shelve some of her personal plans.

| Star Today

As the group was about to disband right before “Rollin'” took off, she had been making plans for the future. She was planning the launch of her own clothing brand, and was at the stage of manufacturing the clothing. However, with the sudden rise in popularity, she had to press pause on those plans. She was meant to formally start work on her brand on March 1, but “Rollin'” started taking off on Feburary 27.

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Eunji ended up handing over the reigns to her business partner so that she can focus on her promotions with Brave Girls for now.

All’s well, ends well! The girls are currently booked and busy with the success of “Rollin'”.

Source: Star Today