Bumkey arrested by Seoul police for narcotics

Hip-hop musician and Troy member Bumkey has reportedly been arrested by the Seoul police’s narcotics management department on December 11th.

In early October, police began investigating a drug case after discovering Bumkey had given an acquaintance psychoactive drugs. However, he was not under any suspicion of drug use after a urination and hair drug test came back negative.

Upon further examination and questioning arrested drug users and tracking their money from bank accounts, police has pointed towards Bumkey as the middle man, immediately requesting an arrest warrant for the artist.

Bumkey has denied all accusations and is expressing his frustration at the situation.

A personnel from Bumkey’s entertainment, BrandNew Music, said “We are confirming facts at the moment and will make a statement as soon as we have.”

Bumkey is currently being held in a detention center and will be present at his second hearing on the afternoon of December 11th KST.

Source: Daily Sports