Brian Joo Hospitalized Due To Extreme Injuries To His Knee

The road to recovery has been painful for Brian Joo following his knee operation.

For the past few days, Brian Joo has been updating fans about his ongoing treatment for his recent knee injury. The singer and actor updated his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts with details of his operative treatment.

Although the operation was scheduled and considered non-urgent, Brian Joo seems to have experienced a few setbacks in his recovery. Brian Joo’s post got fans worried after he revealed that, “Pain, is all I feel :(.” 

It was not disclosed how Brian Joo was injured, but based on his updates, it looked like there were two injuries to his knee. A meniscus tear which is damage to the cartilage that stabilizes the knee joint. Also, an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a ligament that connects the knee to the leg bone. Both are some of the most common injuries in the knee and are often times related to contact sports. Aside from being an artist, Brian Joo is a health and wellbeing enthusiast and often times participates in contact sports and fitness regimes such as CrossFit.

Praying for a speedy recovery, Brian Joo!