[★TRENDING] BTOB’s Minhyuk pokes fun at wardrobe malfunction incident during “M! Countdown” stage

BTOB’s Minhyuk suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during their comeback stage on M! Countdown which exposed his underwear. 

On July 9th, BTOB made their first set of comeback performances on M! Countdown for their latest title track, “It’s Okay.” However, in the middle of their live performance, an unexpected incident occurred as Minhyuk’s pants ripped, further exposing his red underwear.

The embarrassing incident also became a topic of interest amongst their fans.

As news of his underwear exposure was a hot topic online, Minhyuk updated his personal Twitter account explaining and apologising for the incident. According to the singer, it was their manager who packed his underwear that morning and deliberately packed a red and a leopard print underwear for him. Poking fun into the incident, he has asked his fans to show love for “Open” instead.