BTS Has Almost A Third Of The Top 50 Most Liked Tweets Of All-Time

If there was a crown for this, BTS would have it!

If there was ever any doubt that BTS are the kings of Twitter, they’ve just proved once and for all that they truly do rule the social media site!


The list of “Top 45 Most-Liked Tweets” only has two accounts that have multiple tweets on the list. These two accounts make up 21 of the total 45 tweets and those two accounts belong to former U.S president Barack Obama and BTS!


But BTS has outperformed the former president with 13 tweets on the list! The tweets vary from individual member’s posts to photoshoot pics but fans obviously love each and every one of them!


So just what are these much-loved tweets? Well, the group took spot #45 with an up-close cam of V.


And spot #43 was a sweet clip featuring all the boys.


The group snagged place #42 with a lovely video of flowers cascading down on V.


Meanwhile, spot #41 was taken by this tweet about “Singularity”.


BTS was also able to grab #40 on the list with this incredibly sweet thank you to ARMY.

“It was a very pleasant and happy activity with you. I’d like to thank our ARMY again. I love you.”


Likewise, spot #39 was taken by an equally as sweet thank you message!

“Thank you all for coming.”


Then we have the tweet that took #38 on the list, which is just a nice wholesome picture of two handsome boys.


While spot #37 features an angelic looking J-Hope and an adorable furbaby!


And not to be outdone by J-Hope, Jin‘s post with his adorable sugar gliders took spot #36.


The trend of thank you messages continues with #35 on the list.

“Thank you for being with us for five years. That was very thoughtful of you!”


Then we are all blessed with some Jimin and Jungkook visuals in spot #34.


But #32, proves they’re all visuals!


And V rounds everything out with this sexy self-cam that came in at #26 on the list.


On top of the 13 most-liked tweets, BTS also currently have 3 of the “Top 40 Most-Tweeted Tweets,” 2 of which are among the most-liked tweets! Through their outstanding engagement on Twitter, BTS have definitely proven themselves to be the absolute kings of social media!