BTS And Armys Break A New Guinness World Record Together – 5 Other Moments That Proved They Are A Match Made In Heaven

Team work makes the dream work.

BTS and Armys have done it yet again – they’ve joined hands to break another record. With 9 existing records already in The Guinness World Record, the 22nd of July 2020 marked their 10th entry in the book of fame. This time, they broke the record for the most viewers for a concert live stream, proving that BTS and Armys are indeed a match made in heaven.

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In June, BTS held an online concert live stream, BangBangCon : The Live, which was broadcasted to 107 different countries, with over 756,000 viewers officially. The tickets were sold on WeVerse for $25 USD. Other Guinness records the fandom has broken include “Twitter Best Fandom” and the celebrity to reach a million followers the quickest on TikTok.

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BTS and Armys have once again proved their influence, but this is not the only instance. Here are 5 more instances out of many, where BTS and their fans have shown great synergy to create a difference in the world.

1. The One in An ARMY Discord channel

One in An ARMY is a channel dedicated to spreading awareness for various social causes all over the world, and using the Army influence to generate good deeds. A fan-run initiative, the platform is a necessary one in the current day and age where social media is a large tool to garner support for causes. Through their channel, the members discuss what initiative to take up next and the necessary logistics, partnering with a charity organization each month with donation links. In 2018, they donated water filters to 30 families in Tanzania

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2. BTS’s partnership with UNICEF and the Love Myself Campaign

As many would know, BTS’s partnership with UNICEF has been ongoing for about three years now. Recently they were honored by the organization even, as they raised over $1.6 million USD for the charity. The Love Myself Campaign was created to promote psychological health amongst youths as well as #ENDViolence, a sub-campaign that aims to help victims of school violence and abuse. Fans and the artist alike, have consistently been contributing to this cause.

| UNICEF Love Myself

3. #MatchAMillion for Black Lives Matter

The band made a donation of a million dollars to the cause this year, and Armys were quick on the uptake, donating generously for the cause. The #MatchAMillion tag generated over $817,000 USD in donations within the first 24 hours of its creation, proving yet again the good influence of BTS.

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4. The Mono Forest Project

With natural wildlife in Australia depleting at an alarming rate, a pioneering Army decided to do something about it while commemorating her fave’s birthday at the same time. In congratulations to RM‘s birthday in 2019, she set up a fund to help rebuild rainforests and plant trees. The donations helped grow 2000 trees and created a 60,000 hectare national park at Nilipena, South Australia.

| @TheMonoForest/Twitter

5. The Purple Ribbon Project

Although this is a little bit more for the sake of the boys rather than an external organization, the movement deeply touched both boys as well as netizens that witnessed the scene through online reports. In order to protect the safety of the boys who were often crowded by zealous fans at the airports, a group of Armys took it upon themselves to create a safe pathway. Those at the front of the crowd would link arms to create a body barrier of sorts, and hold a purple ribbon to signify their support.

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Up to date, Armys have created over 600 projects and drives for various causes in the world, showing their support for both BTS and the greater community.

Source: theqoo