BTS Ordered Pizza For ARMYs Camping In Line For “SNL”

ARMYs were touched.

It seems that BTS showed just how much love they have for ARMYs by ordering pizza for those who were camping in line for Saturday Night Live.


On April 13, BTS appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and did their first performance of “Boys with Luv”.


And in order to watch this long-awaited performance, ARMYs camped out in front of the filming location for 4 nights.

Source: Fox 5


After hearing the news, BTS apparently repaid the support they received by ordering the fans pizza as a thank you gesture. The receipt on the pizza delivery read, “There is a line of people across the street camping for SNL at NBC. Please give the pizzas to any of the people there tell them it’s for the NYC ARMY. Thank you!” While it’s not entirely clear who sent the pizzas, fans are assuming that BTS were the ones to do so.


Meanwhile, some people have been claiming that it wasn’t BTS that sent the pizzas, but rather just fellow fans who were showing their support.

Source: Dispatch