BTS Asks ARMYs To Vote On Their Favorite BTS Songs⁠— Here Are The Top Picks So Far

BTS asked ARMYs to do the impossible.

We are now officially four weeks away from the release of BTS‘s new anthology album, PROOF. BTS has slowly been releasing information about the upcoming album, revealing all of the tracklists earlier this week.

BTS’s “PROOF” promotion schedule | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Today, BTS’s official Instagram account opened a mysterious poll, asking fans to vote on the top BTS songs from a pre-selected list. The top-voted songs will have a chance to “end up in the final.”

BTS’s voting bracket | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

ARMYs quickly began to speculate what “the final” could mean. Some were hopeful the top-voted songs could be on a setlist for a possible world tour.

Others wondered if the top picks would be performed as a medley.

While some fans were stuck on the fact that they had to choose only one favorite song from each category.

A few ARMYs hilariously insinuated that they are putting more thought into their selections for the voting poll than they did their career options.

The polls still are up on BTS’s official Instagram page for ARMYs to cast their votes!

As of 7:30 AM PT, here are the top-voted songs for each category.


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