BTS At An ARMY’s Wedding? A Lucky Fangirl Got To Make Her Big Day Even More Memorable With A Special Guest

The wedding album is gonna become an heirloom. for sure.

When it comes to sharing the biggest moments of their lives together, BTS and ARMYs could easily face off. While the septet always makes sure to acknowledge their fans in every achievement and even opts for live broadcasts with fans over after-parties at significant events, ARMYs, too, never fail to ensure that BTS get to be present on their biggest days…one way or the other.

Last week, an ARMY went viral for taking RM as her special date to a dance! Well, not exactly RM himself, but a life-size cardboard cutout of him.

Fans loved to see how the girl was having fun on this iconic date, while many took notes for themselves.

Recently, another ARMY from Brazil took it up another notch when she had J-Hope attending her wedding as a special guest!

The BTS rapper was there beside her throughout the entirety of the event. From the vows…

…to the dance.

The other wedding guests also had their share of fun with the BTS member’s standee.

ARMYs found this equally hilarious and amusing, cheering on for the bride, and even the groom who looked just as much enamored by J-Hope as his partner!

Regardless of who or where you are, trust a BTS member to steal the show at the end of the day.