BTS Referred To As “The Beatles For The 21st Century” By BBC

BTS has left a huge impression on London.

BTS has been referred to as “the Beatles for the 21st century” by the British public service broadcaster, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), after completely selling out London’s O2 Arena.


BBC has praised BTS by comparing them to the legendary English rock band, The Beatles, who are widely regarded as one of the most influential music bands in history.

“They’re the Beatles for the 1st Century, a global pop sensation that generates mania and devotion in equal measure.” ㅡ BBC


Moreover, the British daily newspaper, The Guardian, has listed BTS’ achievements, claiming that they have “changed the face of pop”.

“BTS have changed the face of pop, as the first Korean group to reach the upper echelons of the western music industry.” ㅡ The Guardian


This all comes around the time of BTS’ Love Yourself tour in London’s 20,000-capacity O2 Arena. The two concerts, which were held on October 9th and October 10th, were completely sold out.

Source: Instagram


According to Metro, BTS has broken two records at The O2 alone. Not only did they sell the most amount of merchandise at the arena (previously held by The Rolling Stones since 2012), the announcement of the two concerts has also officially become The O2’s most popular show announcement of all time.

BTS and executives of The O2 and Live Nation


They also successfully completed their recent appearance on the British television program, The Graham Norton Show. Despite Jimin’s absence due to health issues, the 6 members did their best to make sure his presence was felt in their performance.


During the show, they took the time to discuss the meaning behind the group’s name, their TIME magazine cover and their latest album.


BTS had recently been named the “Next Generation Leaders” by the world-renowned magazine, TIME, as they were featured on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue.


With these major achievements, BTS has left London leaving behind a huge impression on the city. Fans look forward to what they will conquer next in their upcoming tours!

Source: Money S, BBC and Metro