It’s Time To Get Fit With BTS And BT21 — Here Are All The New Workout Products You Can Buy

Introducing the cutest exercise equipment ever! 😍

ARMY, are you ready to workout with BTS? Line Friends’ BT21 has recently collaborated with XEXYMIX to release home workout products so you can get fit in style!

The collaboration features each BT21 on a variety of fitness equipment that can be used at home or taken to the gym.

BT21 Fitness Equipment | XEXYMIX

There are 4 types of products, including yoga mats featuring each character’s face and bright signature colors.

Yoga Mats | XEXYMIX

The 5 mm mats are nonslip and heavy so they won’t roll up during your workout and retail for around $53 USD.


Next, the adorable exercise balls (about $30 USD) are 65 cm tall and can support 250 kg.

Exercise Balls | XEXYMIX

They can be used for a variety of core-related exercises and more.


Next, elastic stretching bands are available for around $9 USD each.

Elastic Stretching Band | XEXYMIX

There are two levels of resistance: RJ, Koya, Shooky, and Chimmy are used for lighter stretching.


The remaining characters, Mang, Tata, and Cooky, are used for more intense workouts.


Lastly, there are a variety of sport socks that are about $6 USD each featuring the characters name on the ankle and their design on the toe.

Sport Socks | XEXYMIX

The stretchy and comfortable socks feature a cushion inside to reduce foot fatigue and absorb sweat.


All that’s left is to hit the gym!