Here’s What Really Caused BTS’s Crazy Bungeoppang Night

J-Hope goes behind the scenes of the OT7 moment!

Nothing is more fun and chaotic than when all of the BTS members gather together!

During their vacation, the members once reunited over some delicious bungeoppang and chaos ensued on social media.

A bunch of members posted crazy videos showing their excitement for their snack, singing to the tune of “Super Tuna,” “Baby Shark,” and more.

Recently, J-Hope explained exactly what made that hilarious night possible.

We were filming the Samsung ad and we were all excited everyone gathered together after a long time.

— J-Hope

| Naver

The catering brought in bungeoppang so I thought We should upload this to Instagram. I started taking pictures and videos and the members started taking them next to me, too!

— J-Hope

ARMYs were left with an iconic array of hilarious videos and songs thanks to Samsung’s catering!

After all, eating together is one of BTS’s love languages!

Check out what else J-Hope revealed during his live broadcast below.

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